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17 07 2009

Don Williams

Italian Convertible Helmet

Flip-up motorcycle helmets are compromises, and the Italian-made Vemar Jiano strikes a pleasant balance. Recognizing that many motorcycle riders will be touring behind windshields, the vented helmet sits coolly on the head, due in no small part to the minimalist, yet comfortable, padding. While the Jiano carries the additional weight that the pivoting hardware adds to the helmet, it is nicely balanced and aerodynamically efficient.

An internal flip-down smoked shield is helpful when the sun is behind you; however, it suffers from excessive glare when hit directly by the sun’s rays. So, while the easily deployed dark shield is more convenient than sunglasses, it is no replacement. Happily, the hinge systems and clasping strap on the well-finished Jiano are easily operated with gloved hands, a big plus for touring and city riders.

Vemar Jiano | Motorcycle Helmet | Motorcycle News and Best Reviews | Ultimate MotorCycling.


Laser Ignition System Eliminates Spark Plugs – Internal Combusion Engines Continue to Evolve

17 07 2009

by PAUL CROWE – “THE KNEESLIDER” on 7/16/2009


Scientists in Liverpool working with some engineers from Ford, have developed anignition system that ignites the fuel mixture with a laser instead of a spark plug. Engines in their labs are currently running with the laser system.

The laser can be split into multiple beams which means it can have multiple ignition points, improving the chance of a complete burn, reducing emissions and improving efficiency in cold and damp conditions.

Part of the laser can be reflected back to provide information about how the engine is running, giving the computer the ability to adjust the air fuel mixture, also raising the possibility of better utilizing alternative fuels.

Ford says they will possibly use the system in their high end vehicles in as little as 2 years. Although this is strictly an automotive system at the moment, there’s certainly no reason this technology couldn’t, at some point, be adapted for smaller engines such as those used in motorcycles. Very cool technology!

Electric powered vehicles of all sorts are touted as the future but the old internal combustion engine just keeps getting better and better. It’s also a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to study and remain at the cutting edge of the technology, mechanics who refuse to learn and evolve will find their opportunities fading fast.

Link: Telegraph via Autoblog

Laser Ignition System Eliminates Spark Plugs – Internal Combusion Engines Continue to Evolve.

Zeus ZS-3000 – webBikeworld

16 07 2009

First Flip-up Helmet to Meet Snell 2005 Safety Standards!

Zuess ZS 3000


The Zeus ZS-3000 has excellent quality, a solid-feeling helmet shell and a comfortable liner that is removable and washable.  The helmet is also convertible to an open-face style; and, best of all, the ZS-3000 is currently Snell approval in the small shell size (XS to M).

The helmets are also available in a wide array of colors and graphics not often seen on a flip-up.  Combine that with some of the lowest prices around for a flip-up helmet and our prediction is that Zeus won’t be able to make these fast enough!

How do you feel about flip up helmets? Comments welcomed.

For the entire review click on the link below.

Zeus ZS-3000 – webBikeworld.

German Motorcycle Tour – Beemers and Bier – Street Bike Touring and Travel – Motorcycle USA

15 07 2009

“Weissbier, bitte.”

When traveling in a foreign land, knowledge of basic vocabulary is key. In English these words mean “beer, please,” a wheat beer to be more precise. And while it’s only my first day in Germany I’ve mastered the phrase through repeated use. Which helps explain why I’m in Munich, dancing arm-in-arm with a group of rowdy strangers, bellowing soccer chants at the top of my lungs – not worried in the least that I have no clue what I’m shouting. Tall half-liter glasses of creamy tan beer are swinging back and forth as the outdoor biergarten booms with celebration.

It’s the final weekend of Oktoberfest, akin to being in New Orleans for Mardi Gras or Rio for Carnival. Originating in 1810 as the wedding celebration for Bavaria’s Prince Ludwig I, the world-famous festival now draws millions of foreigners and Germans for its sudsy debauchery.

To read the whole article follow the link below.

German Motorcycle Tour – Beemers and Bier – Street Bike Touring and Travel – Motorcycle USA .

2010 Honda ST1200 – rumor and patent photos

14 07 2009

Tue, Jul 14 2009
MCN has come up with some photo’s that is claims are patent images of the new 2010 Honda ST1200 touring machine. It will feature the same engine and shaft drive train as the 2010 VFR which spy shots and official photos have been uncovered for.

Honda ST1200

Unlike the current ST the engine will be mounted with the crankshaft running across the bike (transversely). This configuration allows the sharing of many of the mechanicals of the new VFR.

If true, the ST will drop 100cc’s and come down to 1200cc, but power will actually increase and be comparable to it’s larger competition, such as the Kawasaki Concours 14, and BMW K1300GT. Having come out in 2002 the ST is due for a remake so this would seem to be appropriate timing for an update. The joint development of the bikes would definitely make big sense financially.

Visible in this photo is a remote adjuster for the rear suspension but it seems likely that electronic adjustabilty would be available to compete in this category.

The ST1200 will likely come with removable hard case bags, and lowered pegs. You may also get an engine is a slightly different state of tune than the sportier VFR and gearing to make highway cruising a little less high strung than the VFR.

Photo via MCN

Stuntriding Contest “German Open – Hockenheim, Germany

14 07 2009

Munich. Chris Pfeiffer shocked the competition during the “German Open” stunt riding contest at the Hockenheimring. The BMW Motorrad Motorsport rider took the win in a field packed with Europe´s top stunt riding athletes. Altogether 36 riders from 12 countries competed in the brand new event.

Pfeiffer was enthusiastic about the German Open. Firstly because nearly all stars who had gathered before in February during the indoor world championship showed up. Secondly because the level of competition was even higher.

“Especially some of the lesser known names rode extremely well. This sport is developing at a fascinating pace,” said Pfeiffer after the contest.

Ten riders qualified for the final, which consisted of two runs. Just when the first run got underway, it started to rain. This resulted in a slippery surface. “Stoppies and drifts became real difficult under these conditions, but I still managed to deliever a strong outing,” commented Pfeiffer, who already took command of the proceedings. The 39-year-old German didn´t mind the circumstances and seemingly handled them better than his opponents.

“We Germans gain a lot of experience in the wet, don´t we?” joked the winner. “Guess there´s always a good side to the bad.”

The ground had dried for the second run, the superfinal. The remaining five riders used the improved conditions to fully display their phenomenal set of skills. Pfeiffer started with the ambition to keep his lead and to avoid mistakes. “I had some shaky moments and really needed to dig deep. I still managed to win, although it wasn´t my very best riding,” he said.

Second place went to “Mokus” (Herczeg Balazs), third to Thomas Sagnier.

The event debuted the discipline in Germany. Pfeiffer hopes that it develops into “something big”. The contest at Hockenheimring was almost an unofficial European Championship, with nearly all the continental top riders showing up. Stunt riding legend AC Farias functioned as chief referee, which definitely helped to make the first-ever “German Open” a success.

Results German Open
1. Chris Pfeiffer (GER), BMW Motorrad Motorsport, 52 points
2. Balázs Herczeg (HUN), 46
3. Thomas Sagnier (FRA), 43
3. Bruno Ferreira (FRA), 43
5. Rafal Pasierbek (POL), 40
6. Deuz Desicy (FRA), 19
7. Jorain Ponomareff (FRA), 18
8. Marcus Larsson (SWE), 13
8. Alexander Tomaszek (FRA), 13
8. Dennis Tullberg (SWE), 13

2009 BMW F 800 R Announced For Australia – Motor Report

13 07 2009

BMW 800R

BMW MOTORRAD has announced today that the F 800 R – the naked version of the F 800 – will arrive in Australia in September to sit alongside fellow exhibitionists, the K 1300 R and the R 1200 R.

Powered by the same 798cc 4-valve parallel twin as its faired sibling, the F 800 R develops 64kW at 8000rpm and 86Nm of torque at 6000rpm.

BMW 800R

“We are ecstatic to be able to bring the F 800 R to market this year, which will certainly assist in continuing our strong sales position,” Cameron Cuthill, General Manager of BMW Motorrad said.

“Gauging by the early interest in the F 800 R, this urban and sporting style of riding is sure to appeal not only to existing BMW customers but also to those that may not have considered a BMW before.”

The mass compensation of the parallel twin is implemented by a system which sees an additional swivel rod compensating the first order and second order mass forces, ensuring that the two cylinder engine runs with an unusually low level of vibration, which BMW says delivers superior comfort for the rider.

The lack of fairings drops the F 800 R’s dry weight to 182kg, or 204kg fuelled. The chassis, with its double-sided rear-wheel swing-arm has also been specially adapted to suit the dynamics of a naked bike.

BMW 800R

The F 800 R can be optioned with switchable ABS, which features a newly developed pressure sensor for improved regulation of the braking system.

The new F 800 R is available initially in three colour ways: a two-colour finish in Alpine White non-metallic with Black Silk gloss, Fire Orange non-metallic, and White Aluminium metallic.

Official retail pricing will be released closer to launch, with initial pricing expectations in the vicinity of $14,000.

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